“Life is a lot like jazz... it's best when you improvise”. George Gershwin
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10 Oct

Drops of Time - 2017

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Giorgos Tabakis - Stavros Parginos duo
Modern classical music with contemporary jazz elements

Guitarist/composer Giorgos Tabakis and cellist Stavros Parginos form a duo that combines contemporary music and modern European jazz.
Their first project entitled "Drops of Time" (release date: October 1th 2017) presents compositions for solo 7string guitar, solo cello and guitar & cello duets and it is characterized by the original/personal approach of the duo and distinctive sound. By incorporating a wide variety of expressive means and musical trends, the Giorgos Tabakis & Stavros Parginos Duo creates its own musical communication "language" with a strong element of improvisation and surprise, producing a complete musical aspect.



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