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09 Jan

Birth of the Sun - 2017

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Contemporary jazz band with George Stavroulakis, Panos Vassilopoulos, Panagiotis Bourazanis.

“Birth of the Sun” is an audiovisual production, which is the debut of Triplicity, an electric jazz trio focusing on improvised music with references to electrical and electronic sound.

With participants from emerging artists of jazz of New York scene like saxophonist Chad Lefkowitz-Brown and singer Tammy Scheffer and the renowned percussionist Pete Lockett, Triplicity perform mainly their own music ,combining strong rhythmic elements with a mix of acoustic, electric and electronic timbres.

Triplicity members are: George Stavroulakis on guitar and guitar synth, Panagiotis Bourazanis on electric bass and Panos Vasilopoulos on drums.

The trio has strong references in contemporary electric jazz and their music mixes harmonic elements and rhythmic improvisation with a variety of timbres.

By using pedal effects, loopers,electronic percussion and the guitar synth, Triplicity manage to provide both live and in the studio, a timbre which approaches the sonic density of a modern electric quartet, rather than the traditional jazz or fusion guitar trio.

In their debut, this sound is supplemented with the timbres of saxophone, percussion and voice, highlighting the compositions and orchestrations of the compositions. The entire recording procces was filmed lived in the studio , and the video footage for all the tracks is available free of charge to the CD holders.

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