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11 Oct

Viewpoint - 2016

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Giorgos Tabakis

"ViewPoint" is the second personal cd by guitarist/composer GiorgosTabakis after "Inter Mundos" (May 2015), released by the record label Ekfrassis Productions. It contains seven compositions, five of them for solo 7string guitar and two duets with the famous saxophone virtuoso Takis Paterelis.
"ViewPoint" includes aspects of Giorgos’s personal perception of today's contemporary guitar, through an extended and deeper quest into the  nature of the instrument, its potentials, expressive range and aesthetic perspective.
The 5 guitar pieces with the 7string guitar in a solo role, create different soundscapes and images enclosing influences from modern european jazz, tonal and atonal contemporary music, fusion and modern classical guitar music. In “Two Suns” and “Expand” (duets with soprano sax), Giorgos emphasizes the accompanying role of the guitar, providing harmonic structures and multirythms for the majestic saxophone themes and solos.
As a result of this procedure, Giorgos Tabakis records a cd which involves the development of a personal style and music language, both as a soloist and as a composer.

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