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30 Sep

One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante - 2016

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Georgios Anamateros

In his fantasy world Georgios Anamateros, alias Anamateur, is a determined terrorist living and acting in "Jazzopia", while "Peace", his everlasting muse, is a talented painter who creates that doubt in his mind...

Anamateur's jazz operetta, after the on-stage experimental presentations in "Sociedade de Instrução Guilherme Cossoul" (Lisbon, 2009), "Booze Cooperativa" (Athens, 2012) and "Beton7" (Athens, 2013), now comes in its most compact form.

With: Georgios Anamateros (piano, vocals, melodica / Noble Vigilante), Marta Hugon (vocals / "Peace" the Painter), Mário Franco (double bass, vocals / Vigilante accomplice), Bruno Pedroso (drums, vocals / Vigilante accomplice), Anthony John Wheeldon (guitar, vocals / Vigilante accomplice), Eduardo Lála (trombone, vocals / Professor Nontalent), Marinela Mangueira (tap dancing / newspaper girl).
Recorded at "Timbuktu Estudios", Lisbon, by André Fernandes and Nuno Costa.
Additional recordings and mixing at "Athensmusic Studioworks", Athens, by Vassilis Avrantinis.
Mastered at "Exceptional Mastering", Athens, by Antonis Tzortzis.
Graphical layout based on the original poster by Angela Cardoso.
Script, music and lyrics by Georgios Anamateros, © 2009-2016.

The title alone is sufficient for someone to realize that it’s the most “cult” spectacle presented in Athens right now: “One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante”. [...] This "pocket" musical of great intentions is written, directed and performed by Georgios Anamateros, a vivacious jazz entertainer.
The story takes place in a crisis-stricken society (hint, hint), in which a “Noble Vigilante” appears, "gently" exterminating corrupted deputies and journalists, to the greatest satisfaction of his fellow citizens. All this, up to the day that the hero encounters love, in the face of a beautiful painter, who turns the Vigilante's life upside down. And how does it all fit into the tiny place of “Booze Cooperativa”? It is simple, there are more things implied than explicitly shown on stage, in a play regarded more as a "draft" for a musical than as a complete spectacle. [...]
Of course there are the Anamateros' songs: regular jazz songs with titles such as "Lessons For Aspiring Nobili Vigilanti" or "Breakthrough of A Bourgeoise Girl", songs that feel instantly familiar and stick to your mind, as is the case with all good musical songs.
Nikos Fotakis, writing for jumpingfish, February 2012 

Anamateur is extremely passionate for the thing he does. He lives and breathes for it. He reminds us of a 1990s stand-up comedian, an illuminated preacher and at the same time one of the protagonists of Lars Von Trier’s “The Idiots”. The most interesting thing, though, is that all of these characteristics are real on him! He represents the man who keeps total faith in his ideals and acts accordingly. An engineer in real life and a pianist in this play, he directs his musicians – turning them into actors for the necessities of the play – as a contractor operating on his building site.
Burlesque aesthetics, cabaret jazz, prose, theatrical mood and intense flirt are the main elements of "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante". Apparently the ancient drama connects with the story of the play, since love, war (through contemporary means) and the doubt of the protagonist to take the right decision (and reveal his guilty secrets), all constitute the frame of the play. [...] Yes, this jazz musical has something romantically old fashioned, in the sense of “discovering again from the beginning”.
Yannis Iasonides, writing for, January 2012

In the mind of the noble jazzman / civil engineer Georgios Anamateros are hidden Japanese wise men, Portuguese philosophers, Arab-Chinese economists, gorgeous sopranos, unscrupulous tyrants and souls tormented by charming left-wing girls. […] In the real world he is an amateur of art, a person with fine humor and brilliance, who admires the old ingenious entertainers, from Louis Armstrong to Cole Porter and Fats Waller.
Barbara Savvidι, writing for, December 2012 -

Anamateur is not at all an amateur! Except if we keep the literary meaning of the word (an amateur of art)… Lyricist, composer and performer in the footsteps of Irving Berlin and Cole Porter, not only he revives well-known masterpieces in his live shows, but he also hands to us his own melodies, which can be considered as the "extentions" of the standards. Kornelios Diamantopoulos, writing for “Jazz & Τζαζ” magazine, February 2013 - (issue #239)

It may be true that Georgios Anamateros admires Fats Waller, and that he believes that jazz has lost (since many decades) its humor, it may also be true that he interprets his songs as an altered Eddie Cantor or Jimmy Durante; in any case these “Redemption blues for a lovesick warrior”, written in 2009 for his jazz musical “One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante” and recorded in Lisbon, let his sensitivity shine through.
Nikos Fotakis, writing for “Jazz & Τζαζ” magazine, July 2012 - (issue #232-233)

Georgios Anamateros (alias Anamateur) is a very irregular and special case in the artistic scene of Athens. [...] His jazz prose induces, during the entire show, a smile on your face, a smile that occasionally turns into a hilarious laughter. [...] The "crazy" character of the show emerges from the refinement and unconventionality of Anamateros' mind. [...]
In his artistic melting pot one can trace the swing and the bolero, Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong, even Truffaut and Godard - the result is a unique audiovisual amalgam. [...]
Georgios Gkovesis, writing for jazzimpressions, February 2016 -

In Anamateros' resumé we find many successful performances, including his own masterly peculiar “One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante”, a musical that made a sensation with its sardonic style and sparkling semi-surrealism. [...] He knows better than most people the melancholy of the clown, the other face of the professional comedian, the drama hidden in comedy, the crying and the laughter. And in his music you can hear all this!"
Kornelios Diamantopoulos, writing the press release for “Anamateur & Pros” appearance at “Half Note” jazz club of Athens, September 2014

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