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TAXIDI - 2016

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Giorgos Georgiadis - project 2 
This is the first solo album of George Georgiadis . The album is focused on music and poetry and the music has a pure jazz character .

TAXIDI' (Journey) is Giorgos Georgiadis first personal music album. The album is a personal, simple approach not only to music but also poetry. A musical view of the everyday existential quests. With this work, George Georgiadis wishes to express his effort to improve his life and at the same time share a message.
The pieces have a pure jazz character. Swing, influenced by the straight ahead sound, from New Orleans to Balkan colors. Their intense emotional character is 'amplified' by the poetry since many of the songs are accompanied by a poem, like the song “saligari” (snail) which is introduced by the homonymous Japanese Haiku, blended meaningfully with words of the great poet Tasos Livaditis.
Poetry and music heal the soul. He believes that we must be in direct contact with what happens around us, as observers and in relation to how it affects our mentality. With the song “Taxidi”, the artist wanted to share with his fellow musicians, like an interpersonal conversation, the journey of his life.
All songs were composed on 2007 and were first played back then at “Guru Bar”.
This CD album is the second part of a larger project which welcomes us to the musical thoughts of George Georgiadis.

Giorgos Georgiadis  studied the electric bass with George Fakanas and classical double bass with Takis Kapoyiannis. He has collaborated with most of the musicians of the Greek scene as well as important musicians abroad, like Mark Murphy, Ralph Peterson, Bobby Few, David Friedman, Rex Richardson, Jason Yarde and more. He has performed in many festivals and is a member of the Athens Big Band,

All of the cd tracks were written in 2007 and first played at the jazz upstairs Guru Bar, ( theater square -Athens). This cd is the second part (project 2) of a larger work. Logically it should be called project 1.

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