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‘Voyager’ 2015

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George Avramidis
Thessaloniki-based jazz trumpeter George Avramidis releases second CD ‘Voyager’.

A long, smooth trip across undulating waves of rhythm overlaid by his soulful performances.

During the voyage, the listener comes across different ethnic music traditions, a surprise woodwind solo reminiscent of a Byzantine bazaar or Egyptian night; a bright clean clear xylophone-sounding keyboard solo, and always the harmony between trumpet and saxophone pulling you along the journey. Dedicated to the memory of George Avramidis’ beloved father, there is also the element of the personal journey involved in the new album.
‘Shoulders for Pillows’ is the introductory and first track, a sophisticated and well-composed piece written by George Avramidis and Tasos Korkovelos, with Pavlos Pavlides on Drums, Traianos Albanoudis on Bass, Alex Papoulides on Guitar, Tasos Korkovelos on Keyboards, George Avramides on Trumpet, James Wylie on Alto Saxophone and Eddie Spaapen on Percussion.
The Corruptor is a change of pace after ‘Shoulders for Pillows’, uptempo, with darker undertones, a tight bass line driving a sense of urgency, and striking drums emphasising the funkier side of Avramides’ compositions. The brass section plays a strong chorus and solos with special guests Michalis Karanikos (Trombone) and Nikos Diminakis (Baritone Saxophone), heralding stormy weather on the voyage. Then, Avramides’ bright trumpet solo takes the track in a different direction, moving from dark to light, cloud to sun, turning the funk to a bold blues.
‘Fire Into Stone’ is an instant jazz classic with warm relations to soul, the melody is beautifully and touchingly performed by Alexandra Sieti and lyrics written by Labrini Grigoriadou. The title track ‘Voyager’ is a chilled-out tune with an uplifting feel that makes you feel like you’re watching the sea dance as you surf over the tide in a boat travelling to Utopia.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Tasos Korkovelos and mastered by Apostolos Siopis, ‘Voyager’ sets a new contemporary standard for jazz trumpet performance crossed with soul, ethnic inspirations. Even if you get lost on the journey, George Avramidis’ sweet playing will bring you back to your destination – musical paradise.  

Special thanks to: Giannis Parzialis, Nikos Tourbis, Anastasis Voukiklarakis, Leonidas Papastathopoulos, Christos Sarkatzis, Moody Alien, Jimmy Polioudis, Sourliboom.
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