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End of Seas - 2015

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Kostas Baltazanis

Building upon his long music career in Greece and (4) studio albums with his band Iasis, Jazz musician Costas Baltazanis finds himself on the other side of the Atlantic, in a Brooklyn studio, recording a brand new personal jazz record. It is heavily influenced by the last couple of years of exposure to the New York jazz scene while retaining a strong Mediterranean flavor. He has assembled a remarkable group of musicians:

Dan Brantigan, Trumpet
Panagiotis Andreou, Bass
Isamu McGregor, Keyboards
Engin Gunaydin, Drums
Costas Baltazanis, Guitar

Alex Foster, Saxophone
Rich Stein, Percussion
Camila Meza, Voice & Guitar
Justin Tyson, Drums
Brice Wassy, Percussion

All music written by Costas Baltazanis (Lyrics on track 07 written by Camilla Meza)
© Copyright 2015 Costas Baltazanis All rights reserved.

Recorded LIVE by Aaron Nevezie at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn NY
Mixed by Yannis Toundas in Athens, Greece
Mastered by Randy Merill at Sterling Studios in Manhattan, NY


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