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13 Mar

The Dot Trio - 2015

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The Dot Trio Debut Album

10 songs in the explosive Dot style.
Available both in digital and physical form. 
Recorded and mixed at Below Studio (October 2014/January 2015) and mastered at Athens Mastering.
Alexander Democratis plays keys as a guest in tracks 8 & 10.

The DOT trio is an instrumental blues/jazz/rock band from Athens,Greece.
Alex Togias :guitar
Antonis Kalamoutsos:bass
Alexander Nedelkos:drums

The Dot Trio is located in Athens, Greece and it started groovin' in September 2013, consisting of Alex Togias (Guitar), Antonis Kalamoutsos (Bass) and Alexander Nedelkos (Drums). Their music is a hybrid between blues, rock and jazz, delivered through a cinematic approach, in a unique and original blend. Their instrumental compositions focus on warm melodies, highly energetic grooves and old fashioned feel-good attitude. The trio is inspired by vintage music, not only in terms of style but also in mentality: a ''back to the basics'' philosophy is produced, with minimum use of effects and technology, straightforward tunes, analogue sound, street feeling, coolness, pure musicianship and fun

Direct album download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwavfs83lwh6dxv/TheDotTrio-ThisIsTheDot.zip?dl=0




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