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28 Nov

Blink – 2000

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George Polychronakos

First Issue Cd Cover, Legend 2201550512, 2000

Reissue Cd Cover, El Capitan ?, 2008

George Polyhronakos: drums,percussion
Dimitris Vassilakis: soprano saxophone
George Kontrafouris: piano
Kostas Konstantinou: bass
Stratos Vougas: tenor saxophone
Takis Barberis: guitar
Dimitris Tsakas: alto saxophone
Manos Saridakis: hammond, piano, keys
George Georgiadis: fretless bass
Dimitris Kalantzis: piano
John Loukatos: guitar
Tasos Katsaris: tenor saxophone

All compositions and arrangements by G. Polychronakos*
*except Mutual Respect arranged by Polychronakos / Kontrafouris / Vassilakis

Recorded by Ellias Lakkas at Odeon Studios on May 2-5, 2000
Production supervisor Manos Vafeiadis
Mastered by Chris Hatzistamou at Athens Mastering
Back cover photo by A. Zacharatos
T. Barberis photo by M. Hatzikonstantis
Inner sleeve photos by A. Giannikos & G. Polyhronakos
Original cover drawning by G. Polyhronakos
Artwork by M. Panayiotakis


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