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09 Nov

Porto Kayio - 2004

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Takis Barberis – Porto Kayio

Takis Barberis: guitars, el. sitar, programming, samples
Debashish Bhattacharya: hindustani slide guitar
Subhashis Bhattacharya: tabla & voice
Yiorgos Georgiadis: bass
Michalis Kapilidis: drums
Manos Saridakis: el. Piano
All tracks composed, arranged & produced by Takis Barberis

Many thanks to all the musicians. Yiorgos, Michalis, Debashish, Subhashis and Manos who participated in this project. Thanks to Yiannis Toundas for his great ideas.
Stavros Xarhakos, Poly Panou, Panos Yeramanis, Yiannis Smirneos,Christos Pellekis, Christos Hatzistamou, Mara Riley, Maria Constantinidou, Yiannis Agelatos, Dimitris Theoharis, Vasilis Drogaris George & Kostas Vaviloussakis, Kozmas, Swar Systems for Swarplug and Alkis & Magda for believing to this music and for making this recording possible. Special thanks lo Agathi for her support.
Takis Barberis

LIBRA MUSIC would like lo thank MINOS-EMI A.E. Greece for their kind license for the samples of track 5.

POLY P. contains samples of Poly Panou: voice and Kostas Papadopoulos: bouzouki (song “To Vouno”, by Loukas Daralas / Vagelis Prekas. CD ‘Aman… Amin’ by Stavros Xarhakos. MINOS-EMI 1995). Yiorgos Koros: violin (song “Aneveno Skatopatia”. by Aposlolos Kaldaras, COLUMBIA/MINOS-EMI 1961). Yiorgos Kiaousis: accordion (song “Ferte Mia Koupa Me Krasi”, by Aposlolos Kaldaras / Haralampos Vasiliadis, COLUMBIA/MINOS-EMI 1962).

Produced by LIBRA MUSIC Ltd.

Executive Producer: Alkis Vafias
Production Co-ordination: Magdalena Papadaki
Recorded at Studio City, Athens, August - December 2003
Sound Engineer: Yiannis Toundas & Christos Peltekis
Mixing: Yionnis Toundas
Mastering: Christos Halzistamou, Athens Mastering
Photo of Takis Barberis: Ivan
Artwork and Cover design: George Vaviloussakis

Libra Music/LM031-2

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