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09 Nov

Naiva – 1998

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Takis Barberis – Naiva

Takis Barberis: guitars, guitar synth, programming
George Polychronakos: drums, percussion
Yiorgos Georgiadis: fretless bass
Manos Saridakis: ac. piano, keys

Shankar Lal: tambla
Reshma Srivastava Pizanis: sitar
Girish Chandra Srivastava: tabla
Asha Srivastava: tanpura

Petros Loucas Chalkias: clarinet
George Kontrafouris: ac. piano
Takis Farazis: accordion
Takis Paterelis: tenor saxophone


Production direction by Takis Barberis

All compositions by Takis Barberis.
All arrangements by Takis Barberis except on 10,
arrangement by T. Barberis, M. Saridakis, Y. Georgiadis, G. Polyhronakos.
Rhythm section arrangements on 1, 4, 13, by G. Polyhronakos and on 3, 7, 11, by G. Polyhronakos, Y. Geogiadis and T. Barberis.

Recorded and Mixed by Yannis Tountas at City Studio, Athens (March - May 1998)
Additional recording by Christos Peltekis
Assistant sound engineer by Christina Rizou
24bit mastering by Christos Hatzistamou, Athens Mastering

Photos by Manos Chatzikonstantis

Lyra/ML 0177, 1995

Cd reissue: El Capitan, Lyra/3401576296, 2008


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