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14 Mar

Ibrahim Ferrer Jr

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Ibrahim Ferrer Jr. is the son of Cuban singer of the same name, known worldwide for being the protagonist of the film "Buena Vista Social Club ". Ibrahim Ferrer passed away in 2005. But his son Ibrahim Ferrer Junior, still singing Cuban music, with the same respect for the audience like his father had.
Ibra has participated in the album "Ibrahim Ferrer" (winner of a Grammy) and the album "Omara Portuondo". He has also played with Cuban bands like Afro Cuban All Star, Los Bocucos, Ochungueres, Orquesta Los Kuaceres and Conjunto de Estrellas Cubanas, among others. In 1999, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, he developed his solo career by playing in big festivals like "Cosquin" and "Codigo Pais" and making tours throughout the country. He also recorded two albums as a soloist: "Son para Ti" (2002) and "Al son de un Homenaje" (winner of the prestigious Gardel awards in 2008). In 2011, he presented his last album «Muy mio».

Ibrahim Ferrer Jr  at Gazarte on March 14, 2014 - Voutadon 32-34- Gazi - 210 3460347 –
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