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28 Dec

Tony Lakatos

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One of Germany’s best-known international saxophone players and  a leading figure worldwide

Tony was born in a musician family in Budapest, Hungary. His Father was a famous gipsy violinist as well as his younger Brother Roby. The musical study began on the violin at the age of 6. He began to play the saxophone when he was 15 years old, and became a professional musician when he won a national jazz competition in 1977. He graduated from the jazz department of the Bela Bartók Conservatory in Budapest in 1979. Shortly after he moved to Germany in 1981, where he made a name for himself as one of Germany’s best-known international saxophone players and became a leading figure worldwide.

From 1985 to 1996, he was member of the succesful PILI-PILI Band ( leading by Jasper Van't   Hof ). He has been living in Germany since 1981, Frankfurt am Main since 1993 and working as a soloist in the H. R. Big band - Radio station.  

He performed as a saxophone soloist in numerous jazz/pop/rock recordings and concerts. Tony Lakatos has been touring in all countries of Europe, in the USA, Canada,   Japan,   South Africa, Lebanon, India,   Singapore, Indonesia and many other parts of the world.

Tony has played for   about 300 LP/CD recordings as a leader or as a sideman.



Tony Lakatos at Tinos Jazz Festival 2012 with George Trantalidis Trilogia

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