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Musicians in town
14 March 2014

Ibrahim Ferrer Jr

Ibrahim Ferrer Jr. is the son of Cuban singer of the same name, known worldwide for being the protagonist of the film "Buena Vista Social Club ". Ibrahim Ferrer passed away in 2005. But his son Ibrahim Ferrer Junior, still singing Cuban music, with the same respect for the audience like his father had.
12 March 2014

Steve Turre

One of the world's preeminent jazz innovators, trombonist and seashellist Steve Turre, has consistently won both the Readers' and Critics' polls in JazzTimes, Downbeat, and Jazziz for Best Trombone and for Best Miscellaneous Instrumentalist (shells).
02 February 2014

Ibrahim Maalouf

A pioneering figure in the world of contemporary jazz thanks to his fusion of pop, soul, electro, hip-hop, and French chansons with the music of his Lebanese roots, Ibrahim Maalouf is widely regarded as one of the most gifted trumpeters of his generation.

23 January 2014


Henning Sieverts describe his music as "a musical landscape where influences of modern and early jazz (Ellington), from early classical music (Machault) and 20th century composers (Messiaen, Webern) create a unique mosaic of contempory power chamber jazz”.

18 January 2014

Louis Sclavis

Over a career spanning four decades, the French clarinetist Louis Sclavis has proved himself to be one of the leading improvisers—and experimenters--of our times.

07 January 2014

Jason Marsalis

“Just as his drumming is steeped in both modern and New Orleans rhythmic styles, his vibes playing draws on the rich tradition of that instrument…with commendably ardent swing.” George Kanzler, Jazz Times, May 2009