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23 Jan

Music Production for the performing artist George Koltsiou

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Workshop & Live performance with George Coltsiou. How music technology can be a most essential tool for a live performance.

During the workshop, George Coltsiou, a professor of guitar and music production of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory , will analyze the chapters:  Sampling, Live looping, Drum machines, MIDI controllers and Backing tracks and describe the technical equipment needed for a live presentation so that music technology can become part of the modern band. All of the above will be embedded in a live environment, with examples (original material and covers).
An interesting approach for the contemporary musician in order for him to create a perfect musical performance and balance with confidence between creativity and know-how.
George Coltsiou guitar, music production
Alexandros Trampas electric bass, synth bass
Nefeli Papazoglou vocals
George Himonas percussion, drum machine

Wednesday 23 January 2019
at 19:30
free entrance

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