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25 Sep

improvisation in Rock - Blues seminar

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Dimitris Sinogiannis, improvisation in Rock - Blues seminar - Monday 25 September 2017 at 19:00 PHILIPPPOS NAKAS CONCERT HALL IPPOKRATOUS 41, ATHENS - FREE ENTRANCE.

The Modern Music Department of the  Philippos Nakas Conservatory has many reasons to take pride in his professors. We welcome Dimitris Sinoyannis and he, in turn, welcomes the guitarists who are interested in attending his Blues - Rock improvisation seminar and also discover the ways of accompanying Rock - Blues and Funk songs.

Live to follow with: Thanos Mihailidis drums - Dimitris Moutafis bass - Peggy Zarrou singing

Dimitris Sinoyannis has a long career in the field of the domestic music scene both as an active musician and as a professor.


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