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08 Jun

Jazz Summer Academy in Paros "“ July 7 "“ 13, 2011

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5-day intensive jazz course in English, for musicians and music students. The first Jazz Summer Academy ever   held on Paros.

Athena Perantinou owner of Perantinos travel based on Paros in collaboration with Marc Buronfosse,   bass player and teacher   in the Paris national conservatory of region - Artistic Director of the Paros Jazz Academy,   are presenting this   first edition   to be held in the wonderful setting of the traditional village of Lefkes on Paros from July 7th to July 13th, 2011.

The team of teachers consists of great musicians such as Marc Buronfosse, bass - Vincent Bourgeyx,   piano - Sara Lazarus, vocals - Alexandra Grimal, saxophone - Joe Quitzke, drums


Details and philosophy of the jazz program:

“During this course, depending on your skill level, your goals and your time constraints, we will try to help you break it all down and raise the level of performance of each participant. We will try through our experience to face all the issues surrounding your interrogations in music. We will show you through different methods and examples how to transcribe, be disciplined and write for example your own exercises. We will try to teach you how and what to listen to in order to develop your ears. We will talk about time and energy and the importance of practicing slowly. By listening to other types of music, we will try to be imaginative, and by playing together we will try to simply have fun.”



- Harmonic progressions, blues and jazz standards

- The role of different functions: soloist, rhythm section, relationship with other musicians in the group.

- Notions of form, rhythm, phrasing… and how to integrate these parameters in a musical improvisation

- Improvisation in various forms: chord changes, free…

- Ear training

- How to strengthen the sense of “time”.

- Tips for listening to music

- Instrumental technique, how to practise and explore his own instrument.

- mental management of stage fright, solo playing, energy during a performance.


Apply on Internet:

Due to limited space registration deadline is June 12th!


Paros Jazz Summer Academy Concert — Paris-Paros Project on July 8, 2011 at the Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros open amphitheater in Naoussa, 21:30 —   ticket 10 euros. (free entrance for kids under 12 ) - Sara Lazarus, voice (USA), Alexandra Grimal, saxophone (France), Vincent Bourgeyx, piano (France), Joe Quitzke, drums (Sweden) and Marc Buronfosse, bass(France)


Paros Jazz Summer Academy Concert — a Parian poetry   event with Jazz on July 11, 2011 at   Lefkes village at the open amphitheater, 21:30. Free Entrance.


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