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03 Jul

Jazz Mani Academy 2

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Jazz Mani Academy 2: July 3-9  2015 - Group & private lessons, improvisation, workshops, concerts and all within the breathtaking landscape of Mani.

The Summer/Jazz/Academy/Mani aimed at musicians of all levels and all ages . Those who already have some experience with jazz  will be able to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge and implementing their skills as they will participate in daily jam sessions. For those who have no previous contact with jazz will be an opportunity to experience how jazz  and its basic principles work . Emphasis will be given to improvisation as it is and remains the main motivation for anyone to play jazz .The ranks of group lessons will be divided by their teachers according to the level of each student . Emphasis will be placed on the rhythm section of music (swing feel, syncopation) and the basic principles of harmonic analysis.

PRIVATE LESSONS: •Saxophone •Singing •Piano •Bass •Drums 

Private  lessons of improvisation will be given to any student as long as he posseses a medium technical skill of his  instrument.
GROUP LESSONS: •​​Rythmic Solfege •Ear training •Theory of music •Βasic  jazz harmony •Workshops

Artistic Director: Sylvios Syrros


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