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12 Jul

Aegean Cultural Initiative 2015 - Music Workshops

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Aegean Cultural Initiative 2015 - Music Workshops - Aegean Cultural Initiative organises for the fourth consecutive year music workshops in the island of Paros.

July 12 -19:      Six workshops

Musical Paths - From Classical to Jazz - Teacher: Takis Farazis
Composer, imporovisor, performer and teacher in a vast range of musical genres that includes classical music, jazz and songs from the Greek and international repertoire, Takis Farazis addresses piano and music students by suggesting a modern, comprehensive approach of instruction. His aim is to elicit and develop the individual skills and preferences of students of all ages.
Combining sensitivity, knowledge of and respect for different musical idioms as well as acknowledging the potential of each student-musician, Farazis helps students enrich their innate musicality and find one’s personal way of expression and creativity by bridging diverse musical styles along with physical, intellectual and emotional self-expression through the world of sounds and ̵ why not ̵ lyrics ...

The workshop will focus on the following:
1. The internal-esoteric dimension of sound
2. Body & rhythm
3. Singing and musical expression
4. Functional harmony
5. The art of variation
6. Individual and group improvisation
7. Introducing relaxation techniques and awakening the healing power of music through on-the-spot improvisation, sound visualization and in-depth enjoyment of the music experience.
The seminar addresses students, teachers, performers of all musical instruments as well as singers, and it is also open to all those wishing to attend as spectators, withspecial discounts for the unemployed and persons on state benefits.


Guitar Exploration - Teachers: Richard Smith, Vasilis Rakopoulos -  Assistants: Kostas Katsandonis, Liam Kevany -
The guitar exploration project is an intensive weeklong course focusing on guitar and improvisation. It covers a large number of chapters included in the broad sense of jazz guitar and tries to broaden the musical horizon and the self-knowledge of the student. It explores the possibilities of the instrument and aims to provide answers to legitimate questions that modern music education does not usually include.
 Guitar Exploration project haw the ambition to help young musicians who struggle to find their own way, to acquire their own "voice". The project is open to non-guitarists, to musicians and music educators as well who just want to watch it.
The daily schedule includes:
a) lecture-presentation of teaching subjects,
b) practicing in combos with alternating roles
c) private tuition
d) preparation of the final concert.
The program will be aligned  to searches of participant’s request and can be referred to many different topics such as:
> Analysis & synthesis of  phrases
> Development of the motif
> Phrases of more scales – complex phrases
> Music identity, personal sound - Signature
> Classical Guitar in Jazz
> Blues Jazz phrasing, Jazz rock – metal
> Comping & Chord solo
> Building up the solo -
> Playing with open strings
> Microtones on the guitar
> Special melodic idioms


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