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02 Dec

Peter Bernstein Interview

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Jazzonline had a little chat with Peter Bernstein, who is playing with the Legendary Organ Trio (Larry Goldings - Peter Bernstein - Bill Stewart ) at Gazarte on December 8, 2013 - “A killer organ trio“ Downbeat magazine  
In the mid 1990's, The New York Times described Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein, and Bill Stewart as "the best organ trio of the last decade." The trio, which has now been together for over 20 years, has been recognized for charting new ground, with its synergistic playing, yet thoughtful music. They have recorded eight albums and one DVD together, all of which display their distinctive sound, whether exploring the depths of jazz standards, or playing their own original compositions.

1-How did you meet and how this trio was born ?
PB.  The trio came together at Augie's. A college bar that became a jazz club, or both. I played there with Larry on thursdays with different drummers for a while and I brought in Bill, who I had met a couple of years before when I was a student at William Paterson College in New Jersey. Bill came in and it felt great and he was around to do it and we started getting some tunes together.

2- Obviously it is still fun for you to play after more than 20 years together.  what is it that make you want to go on ? The  inspiration, the fun, the chemistry .... ?
PB.  For me, it is that I love to play with these guys, in that I enjoy so much what they play. The fact that we have a long history of playing together is just a nice thing that I am grateful for and feel that that we as all grow as musicians, we grow as a band: individually and collectively. For me, Larry and Bill are great and challenging musicians in that they are strong individuals and I always want to be around the strongest individuals I can.

3- You have done eight CD with this trio. The last one was released in 2011 – live at Small - Could you tell us few words about it and what  would you like to do next – what is the next project for this Trio ? 
PB- The next project is at the end of this tour we are starting in 2 days when we will go to a studio and record a CD. We haven't done a studio recording in a long time and will do all new material: originals by all of us and whatever else we are playing.

4- Each of you has an impressive career and different project. Could you tell us what are you working on these days
PB. I released another CD on SmallsLive records, this is a solo guitar recording, done at Smalls last year. I also have another record of originals in the works that I will do with a piano quartet.

5- What do you think is your greatest success as a musician ?
PB.  For me, the greatest success is just to still be at it! To be able to form new musical friendships and have old ones to return to is very gratifying and challenging. To be able to play music with so many great players and have had the chance to grow and continue to do is success to me. Jim Hall said, "playing music is it's own reward" and I agree !

Interview Patricia Graire – December 2013 -

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