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09 Nov

10 years Athina Live – 2003-2013

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For ten years, more than 100 musicians, (some of the best musician of the world musical scene)  such as  Mike Stern, Dennis Chambers, Anthony Jackson, Victor Wooten, Joe Zawinul, Pat Martino, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Bireli Lagrene, John Scoffield, Scott Henderson and many others came to play, to do  seminars, & workshops and to do  recording

What they said about it :

Beautiful  School and I’m a huge fan of Yiorgos.
Wonderful musician, terrific bass player and amazing composer. He puts so much spirit into music and his school has a great feeling. I’m always happy to be part of everything that happens there, either teaching at the school, or playing at the club.  Mike Stern


The Art Music School of Yiorgos Fakanas and the Athina Live club are definitely the places to be in Athens. Athina live, when it comes to hear live music and Art Music School when you want to learn how to play your instrument. Great place, great people. Bireli Lagrene

My time with Yiorgos Fakanas at Athina Live has been challenging, demanding and rewarding in the extreme. Mr. Fakanas' abilities as composer, arranger, orchestrator and producer, combined with his world-beating performance skills, mean that inspiration is the rule here. The complete creative environment at the Art Music School and Athina Live is exceptional--for all involved.  Anthony Jackson

Playing at Athina Live is always one of the highlights of a tour. The audience is enthusiastic and the sound of the room is awesome. It's also one of the few clubs in Europe where you can play more than just one night. I wish Athina Live continued success and I'm looking forward to coming back!  Scott Henderson

"I have been performing and doing seminars at YIORGOS FAKANAS-ART MUSIC SCHOOL & Athina Live for many years, and the experience is always a very positive one, with a great atmosphere there to both perform and teach. Yiorgos inspires a very high level of musicianship that spreads through the entire program. Thumbs up!" Dave Weckl

It's always a pleasure to visit the Art Music School: in addition to his many accomplishments as a bassist/composer/arranger, Yiorgos also has a strong commitment to serious music education, and his vision for this school is clearly that of someone who's determined to make the place as good as it can possibly be. Guthrie Govan

My gig at the Art Music School was great fun. We had a wonderful audience and it was a pleasure to play there. Congratulations Sonia and Yiorgos for having a wonderful school to learn how to play. Hugs, Jeff Berlin

First of all I love Athens, what a beautiful city. Art Music School, Athina Live Club, very unique, very knowledgeable, in a very great place to be around. If I lived in Athens I'm sure I would be doing one of two things, either taking lessons or teaching there. Dennis Chambers

"What a wonderful music school!!! As long as Athens has a place like this, you‘re lucky... You have everything! " Joe Zawinul (11 Μαρτίου 2006)

It was such pleasant time at Art Music School. Big thank you to the wonderful organization….fun times, great shows, lovely stay and excellent food
Let's do this again, soon. Efhratisto para poli ! Marco Minnemann

Whenever I come to Athens I always look forward to playing and teaching at Athina live. Yiorgos Fakanas is truly gifted not only in his Bass playing, but in teaching as well.  His dedication to playing and teaching has given an environment that is truly unique to this area of the world, and provides a tremendous platform for anyone learning an instrument. The School also gives the students the chance to get up close and personal with some of the greatest musicians in the world.  Athens is very lucky to have this environment for musicians!  Cliff Almond

"It was a real pleasure for me to discover Yiorgos Fakanas' music and have the chance to play with him at "Athina Live" club: he is a serious bass-player, a brilliant composer and also a guy who is easy to get along  with". All the best to his future projects. Dominique di Piazza

"I've had the honour and privilege to perform at the "Art Music School-Athina Live", both with my own band and also with Yiorgos and it has always been amazing. Yiorgos is a world class composer, bassist and teacher and I would recommend to anyone that they should enrol in the school and also support the many live shows he presents every year." Sincerely. Brett Garsed

First time I played at the club was with Joe Zawinul.The club and the school are absolutely amazing. The work that you guys are doing, to keep the quality of music and the quality of musicians is to be commented. Also, playing with Yiorgos was a great experience! His music is really challenging. We had a great musical connection and it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next time. Nathaniel Townsley

About Giorgos Fakanas. I had the privilege to make music with a great person and Composer/Bassist from Athens.  Plus had a great time recording on his CD and playing live with Him. God Bless you Giorgos and wish you the best always...Keep it up my friend. Alex Acuna

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