"I can tell whether a person can play just by the way he stands …If they act too hip, you know they can't play shit " Miles Davis

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About the 75 anniversary of the Blue Note Company. Also the list of the top 10  albums of the company.

The "Association of Jazz & Creative Music" was created in 2003 in Thessaloniki in order to highlight jazz music in the city, to embrace the friends of jazz through events and gatherings which exist to strengthen this common love that binds them, and for the city to learn its own musicians through bands that were firstly created back then.

For ten years, more than 100 musicians, (some of the best musician of the world musical scene)  such as  Mike Stern, Dennis Chambers, Anthony Jackson, Victor Wooten, Joe Zawinul, Pat Martino, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Bireli Lagrene, John Scoffield, Scott Henderson and many others came to play, to do  seminars, & workshops and to do  recording

A  look at the jazz history through pictures and posters  

02 February 2012

What is jazz ?

“Man, if you gotta ask you'll never know" … "What we play is life."  Louis Armstrong -

02 February 2012

Youn Sun Nah

"a UFO touching the universe of jazz with a magnificent voice and passionate originality; Jubilation in triple time" Le Monde