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07 December 2015

Jazz Icon Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck, a jazz icon who attained pop-star acclaim with recordings such as “Take Five" and “Blue Rondo a la Turk," died 3 years ago on December 5, 2012.

In US, the birthplace of jazz, new listeners are not engaging with jazz music as much as they did in the past and jazz album sales have been dropping - in 2014 they amounted to only 2% of all music album sales. After the turn of the century interest in jazz seemed to have waned, perhaps because many long-time enthusiasts have not engaged much with the advent of digital releases or with the newly emerging trends that cross the boundaries of different music genres.

In his relatively short life, Wynton Kelly, who was born on 2 December 1931, was an exceptional pianist, a greatly underrated talent, an often overlooked musician and someone who did not elbow his way into stardom. His story is «a startling example of the strange irrelevance of merit to fame in jazz». Mild mannered and fun to be with, a genial, laid-back type, an extrovert who liked to joke a lot, he played with most jazz greats of his time.

The rhythms of jazz are deeply rooted in the music of black Americans, but the harmonies and melodies come from largely from classical music.
And perhaps this is the main reason that at each intersection of the two musical styles , the result is a seductive mixture ......

Four great Jazz musicians & teachers: My experiences as a student

This is not an attempt to convince an audience to listen to jazz; neither to promote the genre as an auditory necessity. This is a try only to identify the truth; the core product of a jazz live event.