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Workshop & Live performance with George Coltsiou. How music technology can be a most essential tool for a live performance.

For few years now jazzonline.gr has been the only website devoted exclusively to jazz in Greece by informing, promoting & sponsoring the very best of live concerts, festivals  and new releases with interviews, articles and news from the Greek and International jazz scene.

08 January 2018

Phil Gates Interview

Phil Gates style is reminiscent of early Buddy Guy mixed with a special blend of flavors from Jazz, Fusion, and the Chicago, Delta, and Mississippi Blues styles. He gave a short interview to Jazzonline before his performance at Half Note on January 19, 2018.

28 December 2017

Tony Lakatos

One of Germany’s best-known international saxophone players and  a leading figure worldwide

Berklee events: Matthew Nicholl | orchestration seminars and jam session on December 19 & 20, 2017 at  PHILIPPOS NAKAS CONSERVATORY, 41 IPPOKRATOUS STR., ATHENS, TEL.: 210 3634000 -

Improvisation and tone quality Workshop with Orfeas Wärdig –Tsoukalas, D'Addario on December 18, 2017 at 18:30 at PHILIPPOS NAKAS CONSERVATORY, 41 IPPOKRATOUS STR., ATHENS, TEL.: 210 3634000 - - entrance free -

16 November 2017

Bireli Lagrène

“Lagrène has gone way beyond the precocious virtuosity he displayed as a teenager three decades ago. Hearing him is like watching an expert juggler throw more china in the air, not worrying about the occasional drop, while the audience gasps and grins with pleasure.” The Guardian

Since a 1993 Minnesota Music Award nomination as Best Female Jazz Vocalist, Charmin Michelle has staked an undeniable claim to prominence. Specializing in classic fare—memorable songs such as “Them There Eyes” and “My Heart Belongs To Daddy”—and applying her signature style, it isn’t hard to see how she’s come to be in ever-increasing demand here and abroad. The indefatigable Charmin Michelle has toured all over Europe and the Middle Est. Whatever the lady’s doing, she is doing it right. She spoke with to Jazzonline prior to her performance at Half Note jazz Club in Athens on November 24.

01 November 2017

Martha High Interview

For something like 32 years Martha High was a key part of James Brown's soul revue. Martha worked with the Godfather longer than any other of his maybe more well-known side's people. Martha High,The soul diva and James Brown's muse talks to Jazzonline.