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Point Two - 2014

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Christos Rafalides - Petros Klampanis
Point Two is the latest project of Christos Rafalides and Petros Klampanis, two jazz musicians based in NYC that originally hail from Greece. They play a mix of original compositions, jazz standards and covers that are given an entirely fresh perspective through this unusual instrumentation. Their fearless brand of music incorporates a world of styles orchestrated by loops, vocals, percussive effects, and whatever techniques this creative duo is inspired to try. With a focus on both performance and education, Point Two has presented concerts across the USA and Greece, and given workshops to university-level students on ensemble playing, polyrhythms and Latin jazz.


"I don't know whether these are two jazz musicians who happen to be Greek, or two Greek guys that happen to be jazz musicians, but the end result is a very unique brand of jazz, infused with harmonies and rhythms of traditional Greek music. Both Christos and Petros are master musicians, and they have put together a program that is both intimate and inventive," said vibraphone legend Gary Burton.

Joe Locke, jazz vibraphonist, composer and educator describes the album as, "imaginatively conceived and brilliantly executed. With Point Two, Christos Rafalides and Petros Klampanis have succeeded in making a completely unique artistic statement, one which could only have come from the creative collaboration between these two great musicians."

"The execution is flawless, the material well chosen, but this doesn't sound solely like a duo album; you can hear voice, percussion and a variety of other sonic elements that are exquisitely placed throughout the duration of the record," said Grammy Award-winning drummer for Pat Metheny, Antonio Sanchez.

Neil Percy, Principal Percussionist of the London Symphony Orchestra said, "I've been a fan of Christos's playing for some time now, but what a delight to hear these two excellent musicians combining so well through this rich selection of music."

Renowned marimbas Nancy Zeltsman enthused, "The placement of notes has such an electricity, it could power your house!"

Jack Van Geem, Principal Percussionist of the San Francisco Symphony (retired) said, "Christos and Petros are a class act all around! Their performances are amazing; filled with passionate, compelling and highly inventive playing."

Ed Saindon, of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, said, "Christos and Petros have come up with a recording that transcends any specific instrument or genre. Elements like finesse, dynamic control, personal creativity, nuance, pacing, restraint... it's all there."

"Point Two should be in everyone's 'must have' CD collection," said Mike Balter, CEO of Mike Balter Mallets. 

Buy the Album https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/point-two/id831687889  & http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/christosrafalidespetrosk

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