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09 Nov

Something from July - 1990

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Takis Barberis - Something from July - 1990 -

Takis Barberis: el. guitar, ac. guitar, keys (tracks 4, 6, 10) percussion (tracks 8)
Spiros Hadjiyagos: bass
Vassilis Ladas: keys (tracks 11,12,13,14)
George Tsolakos: keys (tracks 1,6,8) piano (tracks 10)
George Kontrafouris: piano (tracks 1,7,9)
Takis Farazis piano (tracks 2,3,5)
Takis Paterelis: tenor saxophone
Dinos Apostolou: tenor saxophone (tracks 6,11,12,13,14)
Costas Kalogirou: drums
Leonidas Pliatsikas: drums (tracks 7) percussion

All songs written by Takis Barberis
Recorded at Spectrum Studio
Mixed: Spyros Hadjinikolaou, Vangelis Katsoulis (tracks 11,12,13,14)
Recorded by: Yannis Papayannis, Spyros Hadjinikolaou, Vangelis Katsoulis (tracks 11,12,13,14)
Mastered: Yannis Hristodulatos (tracks 11,12,13,14)
Photography: Takis Diamantopoulos
Production Supervision: Takis Barberis
Executive Producer: Angelo Sfakianakis

Lp: Lyra/4546, 1990

Cd: Lyra/4546, 2002 with bonus tracks

Cd: El Capitan, Lyra/3401576271, 2008 with bonus tracks

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