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Protocol - 2013

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George Avramidis

"This is the first solo album of the trumpet player George Avramidis. A blend of new jazz sounds, influenced at times by the trumpet player Erik Truffaz and his quartet, and at the same time by more african oriented artists like Richard Bona. The brass behavior travels from a late 60 s soul contour, to the uniqueness of Charles Mingus brass lines. Seven compositions, born and raised inside the trumpet player's body and brain. A close encounter between the artist and his sound, a relationship willing to lose all privacy and be shared at all times. It is a one way path anyway; once you blow, breathe, clap your hands or hit a foot on the ground, the sound doesn’t belong to you anymore..."

george avramidis-trumpet,glockenspiel,vocals(6)
stefanos lazarinos-sax,rhodes,kalimba
kostas sifakis-bass
chris sarkatzis-guitar
eddie spaapen-percussion
pavlos pavlidis-drums
alkis kanidis-rhythm guitar(4),lead guitar(3)
moody alien-glockenspiel
traianos papadopoulos-french horn
hermann newman- percussion, effects Pedals, additional keyboards and synthesizers,mix and mastering (7)
jenny eden- Vocals (7)
george koftis-vocals(4,5)
evlampia tsireli-vocals(2,6)

music-george avramidis
lyrics-evlampia tsireli
artwork by achilleas mess
mixed by GeorgeBoy and Pan
editing by Moody alien
mastering by Chris Megas
produced by george avramidis

Find it on  https://soundcloud.com/georgeavramidisprotocol

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