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09 Sep

Art Music School - Yiorgos Fakanas

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The Art Music School is considered the most experimented  educational activity in the field of contemporary music and especially Jazz, Fusion, Rock and Blues. Operating now for 14 years, it provides systematic education in modern, classical and traditional music to hundreds of students. 


At the same time, there have been musical and artistic events, performances, seminars, wokshops and concerts with the greatest musicians in the world. The Conservatory is a real music state, a whole musical world. The Art Music School escapes from the conservative point of view of formal and classical music broadcast,  acquires nerve and substance,  meets the international musical language and fits in at last to what happens on the planet at the highest possible level.
The greatest musicians of the world  play and  give seminars at Art Music School. Mike Stern,  Dennis Chambers,  Victor Wooten,  Joe Zawinull,  Pat Martino and many others generously unfold their talents and offer music on Athina Live Stage, a concert hall  inside the School.


Art Music School  Yiorgos Fakanas - Posidonos av. 3 — Moschato -210-4813605 - 210-4819355 -

More about Athina Live http://www.jazzonline.gr/en/articlesinterviews/jazz-point/item/632-athina-live.html 



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