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28 May

Jazz Workshop in Kryoneri

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This workshop is an intensive week-long summer Jazz course, which is organized by the non-profit organization "Filoxenia" for first time.

The idea is to give possibilities to all people (without age limit) to develop their music skills in Jazz context.

In this first workshop we will welcome tutors from the U.S.A., the Czech Republic & Greece, who are well known musicians and have kindly accepted to participate and share their experience and knowledge with us. The event is open to beginners, intermediate and professional players. During the workshop, the participants will improve their abilities in playing their instruments, in group playing and also in Jazz music theory. The workshop participants will practice every night at the much-favored jam sessions. The event will include a tutors concert and a final concert including all participants, both open to local community.

Participation certificates signed by the tutors will be issued for all participants having attended regularly the lessons.

Students is required to register on July 12th, 2013, 6 p.m at the latest, at the Hostel Elisson in Kryoneri, where the detailled workshop programme will be given to them.


9:30—10:45 morning lecture (ear training, rhythmic warm-up, jazz harmony lecture)

11:00—13:00 instrumental master classes

13:00—15:00 lunch break

15:00—19:00 ensembles rehearsals

21:00—24:00 jam-session and concerts


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