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26 May

Thoughts On Practicing Jazz By Antonis Ladopoulos

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Four great Jazz musicians & teachers: My experiences as a student
"Practicing is perhaps the most important habit for every active musician.  Talent and passion for the music or love for an individual instrument may still be the very reason to become a musician but, as it has been witnessed so many times in the past, the only way for someone to enjoy playing music is by first mastering the tools of the art form itself.  Practicing is the single most important habit which will enable one to achieve this goal, assuming that some amount of talent is already inherently present.This is not true for instrumentalists only, as healthy practicing habits should also be acquired by
theorists, composers, conductors, music teachers and so on.  Music is a transcendent art form and can appear in many ways and shapes in our everyday life, but the very act of making music needs discipline and hard work " ..... Antonis Ladopoulos

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